The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Costume DLC + Gameplay Info

asm2 aerial shot 1 The Amazing Spider Man 2   Costume DLC + Gameplay Info

The release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game is just around the corner, and another batch of details have surfaced:

  • there was information released earlier about a battle with Venom, but that was incorrect since you do not battle him in the game
  • crime will continue to happen once you beat the main story
  • costume DLC will be released later
  • in-game costumes are mostly unlocked by completing side missions
  • no real-time day and night cycle
  • free roam in the city at different moments
  • you can’t free roam as Peter Parker though
  • game length is similar to the first game
  • Sam Riegal reprises his role as Spider-Man


Monster Hunter 4 Devs Talk About Their World Travels That Influenced the Game

action img 05 Monster Hunter 4 Devs Talk About Their World Travels That Influenced the Game

Capcom actually did a bit of travelling to get some inspiration for Monster Hunter 4. They went to places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, and Argentina. Here is what Capcom’s Katsumi Iwasaki and Kaname Fujioka had to say in an interview with 4Gamer:

“This time, we went to Vietnam, Cambodia, Chile, and Argentina. When we went to Vietnam and Cambodia to collect data, we went to some ruins that weren’t tourist spots, but actually places that were left in the state they were first discovered.” - Iwasaki 

“There weren’t any tourists, it was dark, and I was really scared. I really had to ask for guidance from the guide. The winds, the glaciers that have been here since the past, and everything else have shaped up the lands to what they are today, and there’s a reason behind everything. And reality is born by taking these reasons seriously. There were a lot things that can’t be understood unless you experience it for yourself.” - Fujioka


Amazon Spain Leaks Out Potential Name for Skylanders 4?

Skylanders Trap Team 02 ESP Amazon Spain Leaks Out Potential Name for Skylanders 4?

The listings have since been removed, but Amazon Spain may have leaked out some information on the next Skylanders game. A listing was put up for a Skylanders game with the subtitle Trap Team (Google translated). It could also be Ranger Team or Team Ranger. There were Starter Packs listed for the Wii, Wii U, & 3DS, and a release date was set for October 10th. We’ll hear more about the next Skylanders installment in the not to distant future though.


Kickstarter – Source Could Come to Wii U if There’s Enough Demand

The following is coming from the Source FAQ section on Kickstarter:

Possibly. We are licensed Wii U developers ad our game engine, Unity, does work on Wii U. The issue is that some of our effects are DirectX11 GPU optimized, meaning that they only work on this architecture. We’re currently evaluating the Wii U and if this is possible, and there is enough demand, will offer Wii U support as a stretch goal.

*Note – If you want to back this project and need it for Wii U, please send us a comment so that we can gauge interest in this platform.


Disney Infinity 2.0′s August 2014 Release Date Was a Mistake, Says Disney

disney infinity logo 3945381 Disney Infinity 2.0s August 2014 Release Date Was a Mistake, Says Disney

I mentioned in an earlier post that a listing popped up saying that Disney Infinity 2.0 would be releasing in August 2014, but Disney has since come out and clarified that the release date was incorrect. Here is what Disney said:

“In D23′s News Briefs published April 15, 2014, we erroneously reported about the launch of the next chapter of Disney Infinity. This information was incorrect. More news about Disney Infinity will be shared on April 30, and we hope you will check back for that update.”

I guess we will need to wait until April 30th for a release date!