Xenoblade Chronicles X – Field Movement, Party Size & Online Functionality

xenoblade chronicles x 1024x576 Xenoblade Chronicles X   Field Movement, Party Size & Online Functionality

The following is coming from Xenoblade Chronicles X director, Tetsuya Takahashi:

On field movement:

Moving on the field is completely seamless. However, loading occurs in cases like event scenarios. I recommend playing the downloadable version so you don’t have to worry about loading from the disk. Of course, the disk version is also tuned as much as possible to reduce the loading time. We are consulting Nintendo as to whether or not the main data can be read from the console.

On size of the game’s party:

Considering combinations of classes and builds, the party of four was well balanced. In battle, you control one character from those four and the other three are left for AI. Similar to the previous game, you can also select which character to control. In a pinch, AI characters also shout encouragements according to their personality. Voice actors were asked to record unreasonably many lines, so the battles turned out to be lively like in the previous game.

On online functionality:

“isn’t an online game where you are firmly connected to other players.
“loosely connected online game”

“After all, the game brings out collectively without players noticing other people, so the playstyle of an online RPG wasn’t used as a base.”


Rodea the Sky Soldier – Localization Seems Likely

Rodeawii 1024x729 Rodea the Sky Soldier   Localization Seems Likely

The following is coming from Yoshimi Yasuda, the president of Kadokawa Games:

It took some time to deliver [Rodea] to everyone, but the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Wii versions were rebooted. I think that we can share some sort of notification of a overseas release in the near future, so overseas users please look forward to it.


Heart Forth, Alicia – Release Date Gets Pushed Back

05df98b0b22ad35554d2c66fcf6c51d4 large Heart Forth, Alicia   Release Date Gets Pushed Back

In our last update we mentioned it was likely we’d be moving the game’s release later in 2015. Given the content that still needs to be added to the game and the extra-polish that it requires, our current target is to launch between the Last Quarter of 2015 and the First Quarter of 2016. As I’m sure you can imagine, predicting release dates when far out is highly sensitive to the butterfly effect: small tweaks can lead to big changes in the schedule. As we get further along, our confidence about hitting a narrower window should increase until we can pin it down to a specific date. Until then, these target launch dates reflect our current best estimate.

You can check out the full update at this link HERE.

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WATER: The World in Chaos Announced for Wii U

197Rrd7 Imgur WATER: The World in Chaos Announced for Wii U

WATER : The world in chaos Announced for Wii U and PS Vita

Wii U Version coming Spring 2015. Game Made By Unity 3D Engine

WATER is a beautiful and fun sci-fi game. In this 2D side-scrolling
action game,Weirdo who is a the hero must tackle challenges and kill
the aliens in the mysterious planet to save the earth. It has both
English and Japanese version.

In Mysterious planet which is not far from Earth, some aliens live. In
their planet there is no track of water. One day Foolien, the Boss of
these aliens, is watching TV programs of earth and sees a big
fantastic waterpark in it. He sees people having fun in there and
wishes to have one too. But there is no water in Mysterious planet to
make his dream come true. He decides to provide water of his water
park from Earth, so they get ready and attack to the homeland of
humans. In their attack they can gather the waters together and are
ready to go back but then a hero rises. An experienced astronaut, who
won’t let his home get destroyed by aliens. He goes after the enemy to
take back his planets vital, water.

Features :

Play the role of an astronaut who wants to fight the aliens and save the world.
- Explore a vast and unknown planet.
- 6 types of jet pack with different functions that help you to go everywhere.
- As the game progresses, the aliens get smarter and stronger.
- To fend off the aliens attack use gun, grenade or simply jet away to
another place.
- Easy control and amazing graphics with fun combat.
- Obstacles such as Laser, Flying Projectiles, mobile gears, …
- A beautiful challenging endless environment.
- To collect drops of water must explore in the planet.
- Challenging gameplay that can be difficult but always fair.
- Get more points by exploding the barrels and boxes.


Mighty No. 9 – Mighty No. 8 Stage Revealed

1aechj Mighty No. 9   Mighty No. 8 Stage Revealed


This time around we’re showing off the Capitol Building! This stage certainly stands out for its unique ambience compared to the other stages we’ve shown so far. More than a few of you said as much after seeing a snippet of gameplay in Keiji Inafune’s New Year’s message.

This immaculate estate is dotted with luxurious adornments, such as the fountain you see here. Here Beck forgets his grueling battle for a moment and runs through the halls, taking in all the sights. If he’s not careful, security’s gonna tell him off for sure…

You can check out more information at this link HERE.