U Host Due Out on Wii U This Quarter

aQDjkSn Imgur U Host Due Out on Wii U This Quarter

Do you enjoy quiz games? Ever wanted to be a contestant on a game show? How about being the Host of your own Game Show? One where you get to make the rules, dish out the points, pick the questions, or even write your own?

U Host lets you do all of that, and a lot more!

U Host allows players to create the Game Show of their dreams, allowing up to 5 players or 4 teams to take part in almost any kind of Game Show they can imagine in the comfort of their own living room!

Making full use of the Wii U Gamepad, one player will take on the role of the Host, while all other players will be able to join in as the contestants to take part in all sorts of fun activities, from answering multiple choice quiz questions to playing mini-games. If you have the GamePad in your hands, you make the rules!

U Host supports standard Wii U remotes as well as Pro controllers. Don’t have enough controllers? Not a problem! You can go through an entire games with 5 players just using the Game Pad. Know the answer to the question? Shout out, bang on your table, or use the mobile app that will be coming out alongside the game. So long as you let the Host know, they can ‘buzz’ on your behalf! U Host will also come with a selection of mini-games that can be played without any controllers, meaning you don’t need fast reactions or a familiarity with the controllers to do well in the game!

“I wanted to take away as many limits as possible, but at the same time keep a sense of order to help ensure games will be fun!” said Andy Ford. “There are still challenges, of course. For example, it’s entirely possible for the Host to lock a player’s buzzer for the entirety of the quiz, or specifically target one player during all the mini-games. So yeah, you certainly can ‘troll’ other players, but that’s what you get when you take down limits. In my play tests, we’ve actually had a lot of fun locking player’s buzzers when they shout out the answer before buzzing, or even if they just spill a drink. There can be just as many positives as negatives when it comes to taking down limitations! You just have to find the balance, and of course, the right Host!”

U Host is due to be released Q4 2014, with over 1000 existing questions, 10 categories (plus an extra 2 blank custom categories), multiple pre-set Game Show modes, and over 20 mini-games! We’re also trying to get other indie developers involved to include their characters or character related questions in the game! The Armillo and Twisted Fusion developers are already on board, and hopefully more yet to be announced!

Look out for U Host on the eShop this coming holiday season!


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Not Coming to Wii U, Was a Printing Mistake

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate   E3 2014 Trailer Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Not Coming to Wii U, Was a Printing Mistake

A German statement was provided by Nintendo about the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with a Wii U logo on it, and someone was able to translate it:

Nintendo of Europe confirmed, that the promotional banner with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the WiiU logo at the Connichi in Kassel was a printing error. Monster Hunter 4 is exclusively planned for Nintendo 3DS – Capcom also refuted the rumours of a Wii U version.


Super Smash Bros. 3DS – September 15th Screenshot

zlCfzScfilUBnhSDdM Super Smash Bros. 3DS   September 15th Screenshot

Pic of the day. Now that the game is out in Japan, the Conquest mode will be available in online multiplayer in the Japanese version. This is what the title screen will look like for the overseas version. In this mode, the game aggregates global wins among specific teams during a limited time and determines the victor. If you choose a participating fighter from the With Anyone option, you’ll automatically participate in Conquest. We’ll be running Conquest in beta for a while.

Also, Conquest data where players seem to be losing on purpose will be removed from the calculations. And lastly, there’s no point in working on this mode too much on your own, so don’t overdo it…


Activision Includes a Special Gameplay Mode for Kaos in Skylanders Trap Team

Attention foolish human fools! Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), is officially announcing an all new diabolical gameplay mode in honor of me, Emperor Kaos, the most infamously evil villain in all of Skylands! In my glorious “Kaos Doom Challenge,” sniveling Portal Masters like you can feebly battle through increasingly difficult waves of my personal minions using your ridiculous army of Skylanders.

And since you obviously won’t stand a chance, I, Kaos, will graciously allow you to build defensive towers and battle my fearsome allies using any of your Skylanders from your entire collection. However, when you bumbling Portal Masters utterly fail to progress past my hoards of evil underlings, the “Mystery Box of Doom” will be opened – which will then incomprehensibly spit out gigantic villains that will completely destroy you! And because I am both benevolent and merciful, I will even let you fools use any of your pitiful Trapped Villains to fight them.

And, should any of you so-called “journalists” need an official quote from me -BEHOLD! “A recent evil study of a thousand trolls revealed that nine out of ten agree that I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer to have ever conquered Skylands. Naturally, I had every tenth one banished to my “Kaos Doom Challenge” to test the effectiveness of my 100 waves of ultimate evil doom – and they were never heard from again. So let’s just say EVERYONE agrees – I am the most powerful and impressive evil doer ever.”

And for those of you who absolutely cannot wait for your horribly inevitable destruction, the Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack will be available on a bunch of seemingly random days in October (October 5th in North America, October 10th in Europe and October 2nd in Australia to be precise) on the following exceptionally awesome platforms: Nintendo’s WiiTM system and Nintendo’s Wii UTM system, a variety of iPad(r), Kindle Fire and Android tablets; Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and entertainment systems from Microsoft; PlayStation(r)4 system; PlayStation(r)3 system. A different, unique adventure also will be available on the Nintendo 3DSTM hand-held system.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a world to conquer. I look forward to crushing your spirits. With loathing and disgust.


Carbon Fire Studio Announces Frenchy Bird for Wii U

MLGdtsz Imgur 1024x534 Carbon Fire Studio Announces Frenchy Bird for Wii U

Carbon Fire Studio, a newly founded video game developer studio in France, will release their first game named “Frenchy Bird” in the Nintendo eShop before the end of the year in North America.


Play as a Parisian pigeon and enjoy flying through Paris streets while avoiding lamp posts ! Share your score on Miiverse™ and make your way through the top 100 worldwide ranking !

Main features
- Classic arcade action
- Post your score in Miiverse™ with pre-filled text and automatic screenshot function
- Worldwide top 100 ranking
- 3D High Definition graphics
- Unlock stamps in Miiverse™ by doing high scores
- Off-TV play

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo + Smash Bros. Stuff! – News Roundup!

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