Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows + Indie Cross-Buy + Azure Striker Gunvolt 2! – News Roundup!


Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows – Free Update in Q2 2015

Curve’s OlliOlli to Offer Cross Buy on 3DS & Wii U

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Amiibo Update Coming March 20th

More Marth Amiibo to be Released in Late April

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Gets Announced by Inti Creates

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Announced, Coming to “Consoles”

Meme Run Has Been Removed From the Wii U eShop

SteamWorld Heist Due Out in August + Details

steamworld heist 14 SteamWorld Heist Due Out in August + Details

  • SteamWorld Heist is due to release in August
  • bad stuff happened between the events of SteamWorld Dig and Heist, which forces the steambots into space
  • you can recuit other bots to join your squid while in a mission or inside intergalactic saloons
  • create a team and choose between multiple classes
  • firing weapons happens in pseudo real-time and requires careful aim and execution
  • you can shoot through floors, but you can also miss shots
  • each missions is a procedurally generated map that will have multiple pathways to take
  • an engineer robot can repair broken pathways and help reach hidden areas
  • there are consequences for character deaths, but you don’t lose that character forever


Nintendo Says Wal-Mart Online Pre-Orders for Gold Mario Amiibo Are Just a “Small Fraction” of Stock

Azure Striker Gunvolt – Version 1.2 Update Coming March 5th

AZ2 620x Azure Striker Gunvolt   Version 1.2 Update Coming March 5th

As for the version update, Azure Striker Gunvolt has been recharged and loaded up with brand new features for Ver. 1.2!

No. 1: Boss Rush Mission

Beat the game to unlock the new Boss Rush mission! Get 1000+ Kudos during Boss Rush to hear the English version of Beyond the Blue!

No. 2: Brand New Lumen Song

Lumen’s brand new song “Sakura Efflorescence” now plays during normal mission playthroughs!

No. 3: Support for New Nintendo 3DSTM

Use the ZL Button and ZR Button to change your weapon on the fly! Enjoy higher CPU power and shorter loading times too!

No. 4: Transfer Your Save Data from the Demo Version

Transfer save data from the demo version to the full version while retaining all items and credits!

No. 5: Various Bug Fixes

Various big fixes have been implemented:

- A bug that prevents players from progressing mid-game has been fixed
- Typo fixes
- Other small bug fixes

We hope that you will enjoy the new features, so don’t forget to update your game on 3/5 and enjoy the charged up Version 1.2!