Super Mario Maker – Nintendo Checks Level Difficulty Before Stages Are Shared Online

WiiU SuperMarioMaker logo 01 1024x256 Super Mario Maker   Nintendo Checks Level Difficulty Before Stages Are Shared Online

The following is coming from an Engadget feature about Super Mario Maker:

…user-created levels are also vetted by Nintendo moderators to determine level difficulty before it’s available for anyone to download.

So, the big question is, how long are players gonna have to wait until their levels actually go live? Hopefully not too long!


Rodea: The Sky Soldier Delayed to November?

rodea the sky soldier wallpaper wiiu 3ds 646x3251 1024x573 Rodea: The Sky Soldier Delayed to November?

It looks like Rodea: The Sky Soldier might be getting delayed once again, because Amazon is sending out emails to customers about this. Someone who preordered the Wii U version received a message from Amazon saying that the game was delayed and will be releasing sometime around November 16th to the 20th. We haven’t heard anything from the publisher about this delay though, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

We have received new release date information related to your pre-ordered video game in the order you placed on *******. The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher.


Dragon Quest XI – Horii Talks Theme of Story, 3DS Version, & Protagonist

DQXI Offline Home Console Dragon Quest XI   Horii Talks Theme of Story, 3DS Version, & Protagonist

What’s the theme of this game’s story?

“This time it’s also the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest, and we have the subtitle “In Search of Departed Time.” We’re putting a heavy emphasis on that 30th anniversary. The story itself has the theme of “time.” So, we’re hoping that people who have followed the series all along will have that sense of nostalgia, and that new players will have a sense of fun and excitement. The same may be said of the supported platforms. It’s already been announced, but Dragon Quest XI will be released on two: PlayStation 4 and 3DS. Furthermore, on 3DS, we you can enjoy both 2D and 3D. You can choose to play in either old pixel-style 2D graphics or fleshed-out 3D. Of course, you can switch [between modes] in the middle of the game, as well. Including the leading edge PlayStation 4, with 2D, quasi-3D [Editor’s Note: he’s talking about the chibi 3D from the 3DS version], and full 3D, we’re giving you various types of Dragon Quest so you can follow its historical evolution.”

Horii on the 3DS Version

“At the start of the adventure, there will be 2D classic events on the bottom screen, and 3D events that unfold on the top screen. Taking full advantage of Nintendo 3DS’s capabilities, we’re pursuing a sense of fun that is unique to Nintendo 3DS.”

Horii on the Protagonist

“His background and everything has already been decided, but…the full details are still secret (laughs). But…he’s a cool hero, you know. You have Toriyama-sensei’s design, so use your imagination.”


Saving the Best for Last – Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold’s Chloe

It’s almost here! Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold launches NEXT TUESDAY! So we have one last character video for you to check out!
Though she may be diminuitive in side, Chloe the War Magus will play a big, big role in your party with some of the most devastating debuffs that Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold has to offer. Central to a War Magus’ strengths are the War Edge skills – when equipped with a sword, War Magi can apply a 7-turn debuff that reduces an enemy’s Attack or Defense, as long as the enemy currently has an ailment. SEVEN. TURNS. Hugely devastating for boss fights, especially when followed up by the Sovereign’s Ad Nihilo skill to convert the debuffs (on their last turn, naturally) into Almighty damage.
Considering that most classes can apply ailments to enemies (especially ones like Dark Hunters and Survivalists who can boost the success rate of ailments), it becomes quickly evident that a War Magus is a core element of a successful party!
Plus we updated the Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold website with a new video about improving town! Spend your hard-earned En to improve the various districts around the village…improved areas will attract better customers, meaning that not only can you improve the amount of revenue in your advertising campaigns, but also attract better potential trade partners for Grimoire Stones! Check out the town development trailer here:

GameStop Getting a R.O.B., Duck Hunt, & Mr. Game & Watch amiibo 3-Pack?

nh9xNzdLL3ZGBewlEYUvUTRDHqbVUPJe GameStop Getting a R.O.B., Duck Hunt, & Mr. Game & Watch amiibo 3 Pack?

There is a rumor that there will be a special GameStop amiibo event taking place on August 8th where stores will be allocating extra hours in the early morning. Apparently GameStop will be offering a special amiibo 3-pack that includes R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch. Each store will have approximately 30 available for preorder, and preorders will be the traditional “head into the store and plop $5 down” rather than preordering online.

The 3-pack is the only pre-order that has been announced internally for the August 8th event, and GameStop will most likely not be receiving individual amiibo of R.O.B., Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch.


Curve Digital is Bringing Hue to the Wii U in Q1 2016

Curve Digital, the world’s leading publisher of indie games, has today announced that it has signed the PC and console publishing rights to Hue, a stark puzzle platformer where the aesthetics and mechanics are intertwined.

Already a huge hit on the indie expo scene – where it has picked up a number of awards from the likes of Game Connection, Develop Conference, Casual Connect and Reboot, among others – Hue is a remarkable game with a unique aesthetic that plays as good as it looks.

When Hue’s mother becomes trapped in the mono world, he gains access to the colour ring – a device which allows him to alter the perception of colour. Embarking on a mission to foil the evil intentions of the despicable Doctor Gray, Hue begins a journey which will not only shape him as person, but alter the world forever.

Key to the game is the ability to shift specific colours, a thrilling game mechanic which offers a host of new puzzle possibilities. Players can manipulate the environment in order to reveal hidden routes, avoid threats, remove hazards, defeat adversaries, create platforms and more…the gameplay possibilities are endless.
Hue has been funded by Kuju Startups, a video games investment fund who help great indie developers bring their dream ideas to market.

“Hue’s been attracting a huge amount of attention since we started showing it at indie expos, but we’ve been particularly impressed with Curve’s enthusiasm for the game,” says Henry Hoffman, Creative Director, Fiddlesticks. “Partnering with the leading publisher of indie games will enable us to make a real impact at launch and will hopefully ensure that Hue is a worldwide hit when it releases next year.”

“We knew from the moment we laid eyes on it that Hue was a perfect fit for Curve,” adds Jason Perkins, managing director, Curve Digital. “It’s a genuinely innovative game, full of challenging platforming and wonderful puzzles – with real style and charm. This is the first of our 2016 games we’re announcing, and it’s a real statement of intent.”

Hue will be released on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U in Q1 2016.