Wii U Launch Price to be a “Great Value”


black wii u console2 Wii U Launch Price to be a Great Value

Notice what Reggie Fils-Aime said concerning the price of the Nintendo Wii U:

“We want to launch at a price that’s going to represent an ongoing great value. How do we launch at a value that we’re going to be able to sustain for a long time? I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised, if you will, about the way we’re managing the value equation.”

Nintendo wants to start selling the Nintendo Wii U at a price that they will be able to keep it at for a long time and at a “great value.” Sounds good to me. Now we just need to know what the price and release date are for the Wii U. What are your guesses on the price of the Wii U? $300?

Source: gameindustry.biz, mynintendonews.com